Consulting Company - Building Design Thinking Skills and Capabilities



Leadership at this mid-sized consulting company recognized the need to acquire Design Thinking skills to bolster their own innovation and growth.  They also believed that equipping their consultants with Design Thinking capabilities would help them deliver superior results thereby differentiating the company in a crowded field of competitors. 


SALT Collaboratory followed the key tenets of Design Thinking and set out to understand the company’s needs and priorities as a key first step

Working closely with Leadership, a Design Thinking program was launched to:

  • Provide training to 250 consultants and internal team members

  • Build an internal team of Design Thinking champions

  • Facilitate workshops to address internal challenges

  • Support the integration of Design Thinking tools and methods into client work

To facilitate the effective transition of Design Thinking to a remote context, all training and workshop sessions were conducted on MURAL, a digital visual collaboration platform


75 + consultants trained in Design Thinking in first year with several instances of application of tools in client delivery

Sign-up slots for new training courses filled within first day 

Application of Design Thinking to 4 internal client challenges 

Onboarding of client onto MURAL platform with licenses secured for all consultants

The course is jam-packed with helpful problem-solving methodologies. It is an excellent resource!!! I really enjoyed learning the high-level ideas & concepts, as well as working through hands-on objective-driven exercises.