Healthcare Company – Design Thinking and OKRs for Strategic Planning 



The Health Transformation team at a leading insurance company needed to crystalize its strategy to “create innovative solutions that dramatically impact oral and overall health outcomes”.  The leader of the team, a newly promoted executive, recognized that the focus and innovation required warranted different approaches to work such as the Design Thinking and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) frameworks. 


Facilitated Design Thinking workshops with physicians, executives and dentists to align on key challenges to be addressed in the areas of value-based care and medical-dental integration

Introduced OKR construct and facilitated the definition of objectives and supporting quarterly key results 2021

Coached executive and director in development of programs to achieve OKRs with select healthcare partners


Clearly defined strategy, OKRs and supporting programs to guide work in 2021

Recognition from leadership and the CEO for clarity and comprehensiveness of approach 

Structured approach that incorporates elements of Design Thinking and OKRs to engage with public and private healthcare partners 

I'm grateful to Hannah for all the excellent support and guidance she's given me. I could not have made nearly as much progress or had remotely the level of success this year without her.