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How We Work

We follow the tenets of Design Thinking by tailoring our offerings to meet each client's unique needs

Our phased approach to Strategic Facilitation and Capability Development adapts to accommodate client needs and timeframes

Design Thinking Strategic Facilitation Approach 

Design Thinking Capability Development Approach 


  • Interview key stakeholders

  • Design custom training program

  • Define and communicate program roll-out


  • Train initial cohorts

  • Support application of skills to work context

  • Assess and adjust program to reflect feedback


  • Scale training to remaining cohorts

  • Develop champions to sustain program

  • Extend application of skills to broad range of work contexts


  • Establish regular cadence for training

  • Build internal training capability

  • Build community to support ongoing learning


  • Interview key session stakeholder

  • Confirm session objectives

  • Define session/s format (pre-work, content, tools and methods, participants)


  • Complete pre-work, e.g.:

  • Interviews

  • Research

  • Communicate expectations to participants


  • Lead teams through Design Thinking session/s:

  • Communicate objective

  • Explain tools and methods

  • Support execution at team level

  • Align on problem space and proposed solution


  • Establish plan for prototype and testing phase

  • Transition to execution phase leads

  • Deliver digital record of work sessions for future reference

We partner with MURAL to create a seamless online collaboration experience:


We leverage the tools and methods curated by the LUMA Institute to support Design Thinking Capability Development:


Learn more about how SALT Collaboratory uses MURAL for Design Thinking here:

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Learn more about SALT Collaboratory’s perspective on the relationship between Design Thinking and Consulting here:

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