Regional Children’s Hospital – Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores using Design Thinking



Distilling patient feedback into numerical scores to indicate performance is a common industry practice in healthcare. While the hospital’s brand was nationally recognized for outstanding and compassionate care, leadership remained committed to seeking new ways ­­­­to impact “top box” patient experience scores in an environment of ever tighter budgets.  


Introduced leadership to Design Thinking as an innovative way to approach Patient Experience challenges and opportunities

Proposed a Design Thinking Sprint format to examine the underlying brand experience challenges contributing to the lower scores

Leveraged selected Design Thinking tools help Sprint participants from diverse areas empathize with patients and care teams, define highest priority challenges and ideate to generate innovative, feasible solutions


Engagement, alignment and collaboration across teams that were new to working together

Prioritized solution options ready for prototyping and testing

Acquisition of new Design Thinking skills and methods for addressing challenges in own areas post Sprint

Hannah introduced our organization to an entirely new skillset.  She demonstrated the versatility of Design Thinking by successfully incorporating it into our Strategic Planning Offsite and targeted programs to improve Patient Satisfaction and reduce Nursing Overtime.  Her work with our team of 150 therapists during their Annual Retreat spurred multiple innovative initiatives across the organization.  We can't thank her enough for  exposing us to these rich and powerful collaboration tools!