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When to Add SALT

Teams are facing challenges that are more complex than ever

Design Thinking is the missing ingredient that changes the trajectory of their problem solving experience

SALT Collaboratory helps teams utilize Design Thinking tools and methods to: 


Increase engagement across diverse sets of stakeholders

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Strengthen alignment on prioritized challenges and solutions 

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Enhance creativity in solution development 


Generate optimism in ability to deliver great results

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Ramp up productivity based on simultaneous participant contribution

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Incorporate greater diversity in problem definition and solution development 

Our Clients


Management Consultants who want to arm their teams with fresh skills to better serve their clients


Corporate and Non-Profit Executives who want to use Design Thinking to facilitate workshops and upskill their teams


This was an excellent training - it was engaging, educational, fun, and thought provoking.  Hannah introduced us to many new concepts in a way that made them all accessible to us.