Reimagine the way you work.

SALT Collaboratory helps teams access the power of Design Thinking 

Our customized Strategic Facilitation and Capability Development programs equip teams with advanced problem-solving skills to command the future 

Design Thinking helps organizations migrate towards creative ways of working together regardless of the setting 


Website Image for Design Thinking Mindse
Website Image for Design Thinking Mindse

Design Thinking Mindsets

Intense Curiosity

Radical Collaboration

Disciplined Process

Bias to Action

Embrace of Experimentation



Design Thinking is a disciplined approach to creative problem solving with a focus on people


Design Thinking Framework

Defined Framework

Structured approach featuring deep insights into problem spaces, team-based ideation to identify solution options, and iterative prototyping and testing before launch

Robust Toolkit 

Extensive, flexible set of tools and methods that promote engagement, amplify creativity and secure alignment

Growth Accelerator

Adopted by global companies (IBM, Pepsico, Starbucks, Nike etc.) based on data showing that leading practitioners outperform industry benchmark growth by 2:1


This workshop was really a great opportunity to introduce an entirely new skillset in a very short amount of time. To see it all come together in the final day was really an eye-opener, and in only 8 hours total. Really effective use of time.