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Discover how to elevate your team’s problem-solving capabilities with SALT

Incorporating state-of-the-art tools from industry leading partners

Boost team innovation and scale collaboration with SALT, a member of the MURAL Professional Network

SALT is an Affiliated Training Partner, providing certified LUMA instructors with Design Thinking skills to inspire creativity and collaboration

What Our Clients are Saying

Glenn Puckett

Executive Director, Health Transformation, Washington Dental Service

Before working with SALT Collaboratory, we lacked a structured and rigorous process for innovation.  Thanks to the Innovation Pathway they created for us, we now have a methodology for evaluating ideas and engaging with senior executives. The process has been transformational, and we couldn't have done it without SALT Collaboratory's expertise. 

Workshop Participant

The workshops were organized extremely well to get from broad concepts down to tangible concepts to take to management.  Thank you for finding a way for us to brainstorm virtually across many borders.  It was great for employees to feel like they have a voice. Let’s do more of this at Hines!

Michelle Miller

Director of Learning and Development, Spur Reply

As the Learning and Development lead for a growing consulting firm, it’s important we equip our people with transferable skills that can be used across a vast array of client work. The Design Thinking training provided by SALT Collaboratory is that rare training offering that’s simple to learn and useful across the organization. I wish I had this training 20 years ago when I was starting my career.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to uplevel their own skills and those of their team.

Lisa Carlin

Co-Founder and Director,

FutureBuilders Group

SALT Collaboratory conducted a Design Thinking program for our FutureBuilders Organizational Development group in Australia.  All 20 participants without exception thought it was a highly valuable skill set to acquire. The program was successful because it was tailored to our specific needs, built on our expertise, and gave us hands-on experience with the tools. I loved the program and highly recommend it.

Deborah Keltner

Vice President of Marketing at


SALT led powerful cross-functional conversations, and our leaders were able to contextualize the needs for their functional area by hearing about the experiences and needs of other groups in the company. Working with SALT helped us to prioritize and focus.

Marina Pevzner Hennesey

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, Institute for Functional Medicine

I can’t get enough of this brilliant way of working!  So many great things have happened for our organization since using SALT Collaboratory’s Design Thinking tools and methods. We now address business challenges in a way that drives collaboration and brings out the best in our teams and partners. 

SALT Approach: Innovate with Empathy, Prototype with Precision

Overcome challenges with empathy, creativity and iteration using SALT's Design Thinking framework

Amplify Innovation with SALT Methods

SALT selects methods to promote innovation through iterative, user-focused collaboration and diverse team input


Rose, Thorn, Bud

A technique for codifying information


Creative Matrix

A format for creating new ideas


Concept Poster

A presentation format that captures the highlights of a new idea

Our Expertise

Working as a Principal for big consulting companies for over two decades Hannah saw teams struggling to innovate. In seeking out a better way of working, she discovered the value of Design Thinking. She now helps teams gather insights, define challenges, and unleash their creativity as they work towards enduring solutions.

Hannah Berson

Founder and CEO

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Companies who invest in Design Thinking achieve exceptional results

75% reduction in design time and 33% lower development time
(Forrester and IBM)

32% higher revenue growth and 50% higher customer satisfaction


*Total Shareholder Return (TSR)

Structured collaboration delivered an ROI of over 400% at IBM and SAP

Unlocking Team Potential with Design Thinking

Unleash the power of collaboration with stakeholders

Achieve alignment on key priorities and solutions

Maximize productivity with active engagement

Embrace diversity for innovation

Ignite creativity and inspire breakthrough solutions

Foster optimism in achieving impactful outcomes


Transform How Teams Collaborate with Design Thinking

Develop a culture of creative collaboration and effective problem-solving

Explore acclaimed programs with cutting-edge Design Thinking solutions

SALT Consulting

Master effective collaboration across teams in remote or hybrid settings

SALT Training

Elevate your team's focus, collaboration, and creativity with certified Design Thinking training

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