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Experience Transformative Innovation with SALT Consulting

We help teams use Design Thinking to deliver innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges

Your questions answered

  • Yes, Design Thinking can be tailored to your specific context and team structure, whether in-person or virtually. Our consultants work with you to identify collaboration tools and techniques to ensure that everyone can participate fully in the process.

  • Design Thinking has been applied successfully in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing to finance. Our consultants have deep expertise in various fields and collaborate with your team to understand your unique context and tailor the approach accordingly.

  • Design Thinking is a collaborative process that engages stakeholders across the organization. We believe that the best solutions are co-created with input from a diverse set of perspectives. Our consultants work with you to navigate complex scenarios and ensure that all voices are heard in the process.

  • We measure success based on the outcomes we achieve together with our clients. We work with you to define objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset, and track progress against these throughout the engagement.

  • The length of an engagement depends on the scope of the project, and can vary from several weeks to several months. We work with you to define a project timeline and milestones that align with your needs and availability.

  • Absolutely. We frequently work with clients on an ongoing basis to support change the second ongoing to continuing innovation efforts and to help embed Design Thinking as a core competency within their organizations.

  • We typically work with cross-functional teams that include representatives from different business units, functions, and levels within the organization. We encourage a diversity of perspectives and expertise to maximize the impact of our engagements.

Collaborate to co-create innovative solutions

Collaborate with us to unlock your team's creative genius. Our customized consulting approach brings together diverse perspectives and expertise to solve your toughest challenges using Design Thinking methods.

Find a clear path forward together

Let us help you navigate complexity and uncertainty to find the optimal solution. Our collaborative approach combining Design Thinking with cutting-edge tools will create clarity and confidence in your team's path forward.

Bringing innovation to your doorstep

With over two decades of experience, our team of LUMA certified Instructors combines the best of traditional consulting with the latest Design Thinking approaches to deliver exceptional results. Empower your team with the right guidance and support from experienced consultants.

Explore Consulting Offerings

Workshop and Retreat Facilitation

Our Workshops and Retreats aim to equip leaders with the necessary tools to collaborate effectively in pursuit of their goals. We create an ideal setting for participants to exchange valuable perspectives, tackle shared obstacles, and develop innovative solutions together.

Our agenda design ensures that collaboration is not left to chance, and our expert facilitation helps every participant actively contribute towards achieving the objectives of the Workshop or Retreat.

Workshop/Retreat Scenarios:

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Strategic Planning

  • Quarterly Retrospectives

  • Visioning Sessions

  • Objectives & Key Results (OKR) Development


  • Kick-off meeting to frame objectives

  • Planning sessions to create agenda and select Design Thinking methods

  • In-person, virtual or hybrid Workshop/Retreat facilitation using Mural platform

  • Post Workshop/Retreat debrief to review outcomes and determine next steps

What Our Clients are Saying

Workshop Participant

Good overall day of collaboration.  There was full engagement from all participants and lots of great ideas .  Well organized way to capture new concepts.  Well done!

Juan Claudio Ortega Cor

Senior Product Lead,


I expected a template and received a complete service to facilitate meetings effectively. It greatly exceeded my expectations."

Workshop Participant

The workshops were organized extremely well to get from broad concepts down to tangible concepts to take to management.  Thank you for finding a way for us to brainstorm virtually across many borders.  It was great for employees to feel like they have a voice. Let’s do more of this at Hines!

Leah Lansberry Austin



This is a great new way of thinking.  I loved having a giant virtual whiteboard where we could see everything at once.  I’m amazed at what we accomplished!

Stephanie Sharkey

Chief Operating Officer, The Institute for Functional Medicine

Thanks to SALT Collaboratory, the Design Thinking methodology was exactly what we needed to efficiently gather input from all project stakeholders in a short amount of time. We accomplished in one workshop what would have taken weeks of meetings.

​Design Thinking Consulting Approach


Define objectives and format with



Complete pre-work and set expectations with participants.


Lead Design Thinking sessions to align on challenges and solutions.


Establish prototype and testing plan and transition execution to internal leads

Discover how to elevate your team’s problem-solving capabilities with SALT

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