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Umbrex:  Design Thinking for Consultants: A Match Made in Heaven

In this video episode, Hannah discusses how Design Thinking is the perfect match for the consulting industry. Working as a Principal for big consulting companies for 20 years, she saw something missing relating to innovation. She now helps consultants learn Design Thinking to differentiate themselves, secure more strategic projects and increase revenues.

Presented by Hannah Berson

February 5, 2021

Design Thinking for Consultants: Tools & Methods to Promote Engagement, Creativity, & Productivity

In this webinar, Hannah joins Pete Maher, co-founder of LUMA Institute and Head of MURAL Playmakers to share how she helped a global client co-create the company’s “Future of Work” strategy using Design Thinking. In this webinar, she covers how to gather insights, identify problems faster and unleash creativity using select tools and methods.

Presented by Hannah Berson

June 29, 2022

Collaborative Intelligence – Women in Analytics

Collaborative Intelligence defines a set of practices, tools, and the mindset that unleashes your teams' ability to discover, create and share insights & information.

Tune in for a chat with Hannah Berson, CEO/Founder of SALT Collaboratory, where we’ll level set what Collaborative Intelligence is, and how organizations can maximize efficiency and contributions to their projects using Design Thinking tools.

Presented by Hannah Berson

July 25, 2022

OD100 Conference in

Beijing, China

In this conversation with Ed Kang, a leading Organizational Development educator, Hannah explains the value and importance of Design Thinking to Human Resources (HR) professionals. Hannah demonstrates how Design Thinking can help HR professionals create more effective HR policies and practices by emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and experimentation. By setting a positive example for other leaders in the organization, HR professionals can encourage a culture of innovation, unlocking the full potential of their teams and fostering continued growth.

Presented by Hannah Berson

December 7, 2022

Design Thinking, with

Hannah Berson

In this episode, you will learn: How a career in management consulting led Hannah to a new way of problem solving through Design Thinking Why the innovation challenge for most organizations is bigger than any one person can solve Why most organizations need a more collaborative and innovative approach to developing and implementing solutions

Produced by Polly Yakovich

June 29, 2022

Unleashed – Using Mural to Facilitate Workshops

In this video episode, Hannah provides an introduction to Mural, a digital workspace for collaboration.


July 28, 2020

Team Anywhere:  Solving Problems Through Design Thinking

Hannah shares an enlightening story of how a global company used Design Thinking to address the challenge of returning to work post the pandemic. We are certain you will enjoy discovering how Design Thinking can be a key skill set in today’s world to effectively team from anywhere. “If I had an hour to solve the problem, I’d spend the first 55 minutes figuring out what the problem is, because I’d only need five minutes for the solution.” – Albert Einstein

Produced by Team Anywhere

April, 2021


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