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The Health Transformation team at Delta Dental of Washington needed to crystalize its strategy to create innovative solutions that dramatically impact oral and overall health outcomes.

The newly promoted Executive leading the team acknowledged that accomplishing their goal required a distinct work approach, like Design Thinking and OKRs framework.


Working closely with the Health Transformation Team, SALT Collaboratory:

  • Facilitated Design Thinking workshops with a diverse set of participants spanning physicians, executives, and dentists

  • Secured alignment on key challenges to be addressed in the areas of value-based care and medical-dental integration

  • Introduced the OKR framework and facilitated the creation of compelling and aspirational team Objectives and supporting quarterly Key Results

  • Coached the Heath Transformation Team’s Executive and Director in development of programs to achieve OKRs with select healthcare partners


The project successfully delivered a clearly defined strategy, along with OKRs and supporting programs to guide work within the organization. The approach implemented received recognition from leadership and the CEO for its clarity and comprehensiveness. As a result, the Health Transformation team secured the support needed to engage with public and private healthcare partners to achieve target outcomes.

“SALT Collaboratory helped us envision complex system change opportunities, the type of change that people have been trying to work on for decades and haven't achieved. There is no way we would be where we are if it weren't for SALT Collaboratory”

Glenn Puckett, Executive Director, Health Transformation 


Using Design Thinking and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to define Health Transformation strategy

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