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Leadership at Spur Reply, a go-to-market consulting company, believed that equipping their consultants with Design Thinking capabilities would help them deliver superior results to clients, differentiating the company in a crowded field of competitors.

They also recognized the need to bolster their own innovation and growth capabilities with new collaboration skills.


In creating a Design Thinking training program for the company, SALT Collaboratory first sought to understand the unique needs of its consultants. After a series of interviews, a custom program was created to equip consultants with the skills needed to work in a more innovative and collaborative manner.

With support from Leadership, the Spur Reply Design Thinking training program was launched to:

  • Train consultants and internal team members in the Design Thinking framework and methods from the LUMA System

  • Address internal company challenges as part of the training experience to generate additional value from the program

  • Provide coaching to support consultant integration of Design Thinking into client engagements

  • Build an internal team of Design Thinking champions to serve as a resource for those acquiring the skills

  • Develop fluency in Design Thinking facilitation in remote and hybrid settings using virtual collaboration plaforms, e.g. Mural


The consulting company saw great returns on their investment in the first 3 years of the training program. They continue to invest in Design Thinking adoption across service lines and levels in partnership with Spur Reply.

  • Design Thinking Program has had a wide-reaching impact:

  • 25+ training cohorts

  • 250+ consultants trained in Design Thinking fundamentals

  • 20+ consultants trained as advanced Design Thinking practitioners

  • 4 consultants trained as Design Thinking instructors

  • Design Thinking is now incorporated into consulting engagements, delighting clients and contributing directly to additional work

  • Expanded consultant skillset in Design Thinking methods and MURAL contributes to higher levels of confidence and skill in remote/hybrid delivery of complex engagements

"This training keeps me relevant. The course is jam-packed with helpful problem-solving methodologies. It is an excellent resource! I really enjoyed learning the high-level ideas & concepts, as well as working through hands-on objective-driven exercises."

Training Participant, Spur Reply


Design Thinking Transforms Management Consulting Company’s Client Offerings

Discover how to elevate your team’s problem-solving capabilities with SALT

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