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The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), a non-profit dedicated to promoting the adoption of functional medicine, saw an opportunity to improve the user experience of their Virtual Event Exhibiting service. After receiving feedback from Industry Partners indicating low engagement and ROI, IFM leaders wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced.


SALT Collaboratory designed and executed a multi-faceted approach based on the key phases of the Design Thinking Framework:

  • Conducted research to gain insight into the organization’s partnership programs

  • Created journey maps of the current state to identify gaps and areas for improvement

  • Conducted interviews with external industry partners to gather diverse perspectives and insights

  • Analyzed feedback gathered and identified common themes to highlight areas of misalignment.

  • Facilitated team workshops to prioritize the key challenges identified and ideate to generate solution options


Thanks to the guidance and facilitation of SALT Collaboratory, the organization was able to understand the current state, align on challenges, and take action. The deep research and understanding of the current state changed leadership's perception of what Industry Partners need and expect from virtual Event Exhibiting. The organization identified the most impactful areas of focus, which led to ongoing improvements to the virtual Event Experience and the Industry Partnership program. The collaboration helped IFM improve engagement for their Industry Partners in Exhibit programs.

“Thanks to SALT Collaboratory, we were able to accomplish in one workshop what would have taken weeks of meetings.”

Stephanie Sharkey, Chief Operating Officer, The Institute for Functional Medicine


Redesigning Core Processes for a Healthcare Non-Profit

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